Find innovative ways to reach new customers, maximize efficiency, and drive profitable growth – with SAP Business One. This small business software can help you better manage every aspect of your company – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Available on-premise, on-demand, and powered by our in-memory computing platform – the choice is yours.  Capture all of your business information in a single, scalable system. Automate and accelerate your end-to-end business processes. Improve decision making and customer satisfaction with real-time insights. Supercharge application performance and analytics with in-memory technology. Give employees on-the-go access to SAP Business One with our mobile appp.

Financial Management

Accelerate and automate your accounting and financial processes, improve margins, and make more profitable decisions – with comprehensive financial management tools. 

  • Avoid duplicate entries and errors with automated, integrated financial processes.
  • Close your books quickly and accurately with accelerated processes and trusted data.
  • Improve decision making with integrated accounting, sales, and purchasing data.

Warehouse and Production Management

Track and record stock movements, optimize inventory levels, improve on-time delivery rates – and more – with powerful warehouse and production functionality.

  • Maximize efficiency with automated and integrated processes
  • Improve customer service with fewer shortages and stock-outs
  • Reduce inventory costs with better inventory control and materials planning
  • Increase business insight with real-time warehouse and inventory-reporting


Find new ways to save. Optimize and streamline your entire purchasing process – with integration across business functions and access to centralized, real-time data.

  • Automate activities – from purchase order creation to vendor invoice payment
  • Make better decisions with full visibility into purchasing and supplier performance
  • Cut costs with automation, smarter decisions, and improved purchasing planning

Customer Relationship Management

Increase customer profitability and satisfaction with tools to improve the entire sales process – from tracking leads to administering after-sales support.

  • Grow sales by providing reps with a complete view of your customers and their needs.
  • Turn more prospects into customers with effective sales and opportunity management.
  • Boost customer satisfaction with faster response times and improved problem solving.
  • Make faster, more informed sales decisions with access to real-time, accurate data.

Service Management

Optimizing sales and service department potential is crucial to maintaining excellent customer relations. The SAP® Business One application provides support for service, sales, and contract management, allowing you to effectively improve the results of customer interaction.

  • Service call management – Enter and respond to service calls quickly, and provide support for service operations, customer interaction activities, and resource management
  • Knowledge database – Access known problems and key solutions through a central knowledge database.
  • Service contract management – Efficiently manage warranty and service contracts, and help ensure the timely and accurate execution of contract terms.
  • Service reports and analysis – Create detailed reports related to call volumes, durations, and response times, and turn analyses into actionable information and results.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Leverage quick, insightful reporting for smarter decision making across your enterprise – with the combination of SAP Business One and SAP Crystal Solutions.

  • Generate timely reports across financials, sales, customers, inventory, and more
  • Reduce the time and effort associated with report creation.
  • Deliver the right information to the right decision makers at the right time.